The partners at lawyerbank have worked in top tier practices as well as on secondment in a wide range of Commonwealth agencies. Through this experience they recognised that:

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    there is a consistent need for secondees to assist with in-house legal teams

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    pricing of high quality more senior secondees has traditionally been expensive and often involved rigid arrangements dictated by law firms

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    law firms themselves lacked flexible resourcing models to scale up as large projects or staff shortages dictated particularly for shorter more intensive arrangements

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    once trained, senior lawyers were increasingly wanting more flexible working hours and more rewarding experiences

  • “We know how important it is to ensure the right fit and the right person for the job. That’s why we only engage senior lawyers that not only have excellent technical legal skills, but also possess the right attitude to suit the in-house legal culture, to ensure a seamless transition into your team”

  • We saw the need to develop an alternative resourcing model that works better for both the individual lawyer and the client but in a more cost effective and flexible manner. We road tested the freelancing model for several years and then lawyerbank was born

  • Lawyers get more flexibility and great pay and the clients get experienced and technically savvy lawyers at a much lower cost. Everybody wins

the lawyerbank model

Under the lawyerbank model:
  • agencies and businesses receive high quality expertise at lower cost

  • law firms can resource up to meet and reflect demand without ongoing employment and recruitment costs and issues

  • experienced lawyers receive a higher financial return and greater work / life balance without the traditional legal practice pressures and politics

The Partners

  • Edward
    • "What lawyers wouldn't want to earn great money doing a variety of interesting work while enjoying work / life balance?"

    • "What are we known for? Consistently delivering high quality lawyers at excellent rates. Oh and the merch - we love lawyerbank merch!"

    • "Importantly we don't advertise for lawyers - we focus on getting people that are well known and come highly recommended. This means we don't sacrifice quality for growth and we stay true to the brand"

  • Vanessa
    • "Our reputation is entirely dependent on our lawyers so we have been very selective in growing a team of accomplished well-respected and fun-loving practitioners that deliver exceptional value for money to our clients"

    • "We have a lot of fun at lawyerbank - whether its a team bonding events, playing Easter Bunny to clients or hosting everyone for our regular drinks / dinners. We work with awesome people which guarantees a great time"

    • "It has been a real pleasure to watch the lawyerbank brand grow so quickly since 2016 - we are privileged to work for a model that sells itself!"

  • Alex
    • "Our senior lawyers earn more than $250k to work less than 38 hours per week. That's not a bad gig"

    • "Yes we love the merch and social stuff... but I had to draw the line at lawyerbank lycra"

    • "I'm so grateful for Vanessa and Ed. I admire the fact that they are not only exceptional lawyers but such passionate advocates of our business. Its an absolute joy to work with them both."

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