lawyerbank lawyers know business

They are talented senior practitioners with outstanding commercial acumen. Drawing on their public and private experience, our lawyers are well versed in all types of commercial transactions including purchase and sales arrangements, IP and ICT transactions, corporate restructuring, finance and banking, property and construction matters, licences and leases of real and personal property and insurance and regulatory compliance.

lawyerbank lawyers will work closely with you to ensure their legal advice is strategic, practical and takes into account your commercial imperatives.


  • “I have worked with two of lawyerbank’s lawyers, as part of Airservices’ in-house legal team, and they have both demonstrated excellent legal skills and a strong commercial focus.  Their eagerness to understand their client’s business and achieve pragmatic outcomes was refreshing. I look forward to working further with lawyerbank”

    Senior Legal Counsel, Airservices Australia
  • “As a client it is very important that lawyers can understand your business needs and provide legal advice that is clear, concise, robust and relevant. My experience with lawyerbank is that they delivered in spades for my project and I have no hesitation in using them again.”

    Assistant Director, Australian Government
  • “I have worked with the lawyers at lawyerbank on over twenty short term and longer term projects and found them to be professional, timely and practical in their approach to providing quality legal advice”

    Other Business Revenue Contracts Manager, Airservices Australia
  • “I worked hand in hand with a lawyerbank lawyer on a major contracting project. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive. Our lawyerbank lawyer made a complex matter simple and achievable.”

    Assistant Director, Australian Government
  • “Having used  lawyerbank resources across a range of Procurement and Contract Management matters I found them quick to get up to speed with the organisation’s landscape and their ability to match their advice to the organisation’s risk appetite was of great benefit”

    Manager, Organisational Procurement, Airservices Australia


Experienced lawyers who can hit the ground running

lawyerbank comprises a multi-disciplinary team of administrative, IP, ICT, corporate, commercial, finance, property, construction, regulatory, environment, HR/IR and litigation specialists enabling you to fill gaps in your practice as they arise.

lawyerbank lawyers are highly professional, easy going, service oriented and outcome driven. They are all quality vetted, have worked in  private practice and / or for reputable in-house government legal teams and most have at least 10 years’ legal experience .

lawyerbank lawyers are therefore not only able to hit the ground running when working with your organisation but will provide responsive legal advice in an easy to understand manner.

Flexibility and responsiveness to meet demand

We understand that the needs, and demands upon, an internal legal practice can change rapidly. lawyerbank was established to provide secondment services in a flexible and responsive manner to meet demand and maximise utility to clients.

lawyerbank lawyers are available to assist either in-house or in a virtual capacity to work as part of the in-house legal team. This may include providing relief assistance with the business as usual workload, providing senior expertise for high profile and contentious matters and also providing mentoring, training and second-counselling of more junior lawyers if needed.

The duration and frequency of each secondment is at the discretion of the client. At all times we will work with you to ensure the availability of secondees is reflective of your resourcing requirements, including where workloads intensify or diminish within the period of an engagement, so as to maximise value for money for the client.

Competitive pricing

lawyerbank doesn’t carry the overheads associated with private practice and only invests in highly experienced senior lawyers. This means you can enjoy the advisory services of senior top tier lawyers without the top tier price tag. Our pricing models are incredibly competitive and you don’t pay a premium for extensive office space, senior partner signoff or the training of junior lawyers.

Clients can elect to engage lawyers on an hourly or daily rate basis. To provide ultimate flexibility secondment hours can also be purchased in bulk amounts to be used as and when required.

We are happy to work with you to develop a pricing model tailored to your needs.


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