Gain control. Get back your life. Get rewarded for your hard work

lawyerbank recognises that you have worked incredibly hard to get where you are. You have put in the long hours and our philosophy is that you should be rewarded accordingly – both financially and through flexible working arrangements to give you more time to enjoy the things that are important to you.

With lawyerbank you can enjoy the autonomy of being a freelance lawyer all the while being supported by a collegiate team, providing you with access to know how, support, templates and a friendly sounding board.

  • “The lawyerbank model appealed to me from the outset:  I am absolutely in control with regard to what project I work on, how flexible I would like to be, how I work (contractor v employee) and how much I can earn. lawyerbank is entirely focused on what I want to do and ensuring that I’m working how I want to be.  There is no undercurrent of needing to work more hours to earn increased fees.” 

    lawyerbank lawyer
  • At the moment I am on secondment at two different agencies on alternate days and I have the flexibility to change those days as needed to meet each workplace’s requirements. I really enjoy the variety and flexibility and feel valued by both teams.

    lawyerbank lawyer
  • “lawyerbank does what it says on the box. As a senior practitioner, the model provides access to quality clients and projects that offer engaging work that I can fit around my family and other commitments.” 

    lawyerbank lawyer
  • “lawyerbank’s compensation model sets it apart from its firm counterparts and demonstrates the value it places on its people is equal to its clients.” 

    lawyerbank lawyer
  • “It is clear that there is a lawyerbank ‘type’.  Highly skilled, highly professional, and, great people.  The kind of lawyers that could easily have multiple offers of employment, but lawyerbank trumps those offers with interesting work, flexibility and ability to earn.  I’m grateful I made the cut.”   

    lawyerbank lawyer
  • ” The lawyerbank partners get in contact on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going well, and (given that it was a goal of mine from the outset) that I’m leaving the office at a reasonable time.  My work-life balance has improved immensely, and my lawyerbank branded box of stationery (they’ve thought of everything!) is the envy of my APS colleagues!”

    lawyerbank lawyer


great pay, less pressure and more you time

Our lawyers are well remunerated and unlike traditional firms, take home the majority of their charge out rate. Our lawyers subsequently often earn significantly in excess of their private practice counterparts.

Perhaps the best bit of being a lawyerbank lawyer are that there are no billable hours, no budget or business development pressures and none of the burdens, politics or empty promises traditionally associated with being a senior leader within a law firm.

This means our lawyers are better paid, less stressed and have more time to enjoy themselves. The perfect trifecta.

Flexibility and choice

Choose your hours: lawyerbank lawyers have the freedom to elect their work hours at the outset of each engagement to complement their lifestyles. This can include working full time or part time including part days. lawyerbank lawyers are not expected to work beyond the hours of their secondment, creating certainty for those with extra-curricular engagements and responsibilities.

Choose your location: There is the option of working onsite or from home in a virtual capacity, depending on the needs of the client.

Choose your engagement model: Depending on their preferred financial and risk structure, lawyerbank lawyers can choose how they want to be engaged by lawyerbank – either as a freelancing lawyer in a subcontractor capacity or as a casual employee. 

Variety and skill development

The lawyerbank model gives you direct client access and enables you to focus on your technical legal skills, without getting distracted by business development and budget targets and management responsibilities.

Being a lawyerbank lawyer means you may be engaged by one or several different clients or firms at a time, enabling you to draw on the breadth of your skills for different projects. It also means you gain the benefit of working with a range of different lawyers and legal teams, increasing your professional network, skill set and reputation in the market.


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